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Our Trip to Florida

on October 9, 2012

We just had a wonderful vacation to celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary… drove down to Florida stopping in Oklahoma and Alabama to visit family along the way

Steven had never been to Florida before. His brother has a townhouse on the beach in Destin so we stayed there for 4 days walking on the white beach and swimming in the magical ocean

My peak experience was seeing dolphins swimming in the ocean for the first time. When we were shopping for souvenirs I saw a basket of wooden rings and there was a dophin one right on top so I tried it on and it fit perfectly so it is my new anniversary wedding ring.

13 years ago Steven and I got married on a hike across the Continental Divide. We didn’t have rings so we gave each other frog necklaces and said “With this frog I Thee wed” and on every anniversary we give each other something green. On our last night in Destin a little frog climbed up the palm tree and hopped through the window right onto our bed!


6 responses to “Our Trip to Florida

  1. Sylvia Klos says:

    Enjoyed your pictures so much!!! Looks like you had a wonderful anniversary! Destin looks so much like Pensacola. Makes me homesick. Thanks so much for sharing your trip with us! We love you and hope the two of you will have many more special anniversaries. You are such a well-matched couple!! Love you!

  2. Tricia Guilfoyle says:

    looks like a great trip Zoe, i love the frog story. i’m surprised you haven’t seen dolphins swimming before but of course, there are no oceans in colorado! i will share some of my photos from a whale watching trip with you, we ran into a “super pod” of dolphin – 1500 or so the captain said. it was amazing, everywhere you look you could see dolphins jumping.

  3. Charlotte Brown Harris says:

    Love these pics!

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