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rattlesnake comes to visit

on June 4, 2012

Steven had a big surprise when he got home from work today

a rattlesnake was lying right in front of the door and rattled at him when he started to go in

I heard him yelling at me and went downstairs to see what was going on

I couldn’t believe a rattlesnake was lying there right in front of our door! I was too rattled to open the screen so I took this picture through the screen

then I got up my courage and opened the screen door a little ways and took this picture

after emailing the picture to my family and a couple of friends I got up my courage to open the door and take another picture

Steven said he was going to try and capture it so we could relocate it so he put this plastic bin down

and then another plastic bin and he used a rake to position them so the snake would go into one (I stayed behide the screen door watching)

the snake actually crawled into one of the bins (I opened the screen door)


however maybe the snake can hop right out of that ( I closed the screen door)

no I guess he won’t hop out (so it’s safe to come out now)

so this is how we are going to transport him to his new home


we put him in the truck and took him over to the other side of the lake

he will like his new home…. lots of rocks and no houses

come on snakey get out and enjoy your new home


snakey is thinking about it

he needs a little more coaxing

no, don’t come back this way! go the other way!

that’s right you go over that direction away from the road


snakey is happy in his new home now





One response to “rattlesnake comes to visit

  1. An Observer says:

    Hah! That reminds me of a baby rattle snake I found inside my house once. I also captured him in a container and drove him off into the sage to relocate him further away from humans.

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