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Our Trip to Oklahoma

on April 24, 2012

We left early Sunday morning on April 15, 2012. We didn’t see any tornadoes along the way but we did see something really cool in Kansas somewhere between Dodge City and Oklahoma.. a flock of about 200 yellow-headed blackbirds just hanging out along the side of the road!

We stayed in cabin number 5 at the Great Salt Plains that night and the next morning did some hiking around in the area and look what we found…a beaver skull!

A friendly mockingbird serenaded us and he let me get really close before he flew away

Steven has lots of brothers and sisters in Oklahoma and we had fun visiting them

Delores’s dog Queenie

Edward and Glenna’s rooster Fuffly

Edward and Glenna’s duck Dodi

Edward and Glenna’s goat Liz

Ted’s cows and Teddy’s windmill (This windmill has been in the Nishimuta family for several generations and after a couple of years Teddy got it up and running again)

Steven found the first tick

and he found a copperhead!

I found a turtle

Ted took us driving around in the woods at the Nishimuta farm where they all grew up

I climbed up on a tree stand

Timmy climbed up the windmill

the pond at the farm

looking out our bedroom window at Bobby’s house on Keystone Lake

We left early Sunday morning, April 22 for  Colorado and a tick tried to come home with us

Steven was just starting to get sleepy but he woke up when I screamed after finding this tick in my hair. He said just pick it up and throw it out the window but instead I picked up with my hankie and put it in this plastic bag and sealed the top. I took this picture and then as I was emailing it to my kids the tick must have escaped from the bag because it was crawling across my iphone screen! More screaming. We let the tick out somewhere in Kansas.

All week long I had so much fun playing Draw Something on my iphone with Otis, Oona, Faith and Nobuko. Here’s a picture that Faith drew that Otis guessed right away. That’s me….Grammy

It was good to get home and see Koyuki again


One response to “Our Trip to Oklahoma

  1. Josie says:

    Zoe, looks like some wonderful animals and a great trip!! Did you sing the tick song to your visitor? Thanks for sharing. Love you, Josie

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