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Wayne synchronicities

on March 29, 2012
Dear Nobuko,
I think it all started last summer when our new
neighbors Wayne and April Mast moved in.
They have a cat named Tommy Lee and
he’s the one who attacked me and the
bite got infected and I had to get
a shot. You remember that
little episode I’m sure.
Well then they started up their business
AW Firewood and started running a
very loud chainsaw everyday here
in our quiet woods.
I was devastated by the intrusion
of my peace and quiet.
I stopped doing my yoga in the woods.
I told Steven that was the closest I
have ever come to hating someone.
Then when I got sick this February I had a lot of
time to lie in bed and when the chainsaw would
start up I would listen to George Harrison radio station
on Pandora and that made me so happy.
Ever since I have lived up here
(14 years) I have not played music on
the radio or stereo because I always
preferred the beautiful sounds of
nature and I didn’t want to miss
any of those sounds.
I also just loved the silence.
Well the chainsaw changed all that
and I started looking forward to listening
to the Beatles again.
( I was such a Beatlemaniac as a teenager)
And I also started listening to this
beautiful CD of Ravi Shankar.
It was perfect for drowning out
the chainsaw and so perfect also
to listen to when doing my yoga.
Then I thought of my concert pianist friend Wayne
and ordered his 5 CD set of Mozart Sonatas.
It is so special to listen to them because I know
him personally and took some lessons from
him when he lived here in Loveland.
I was lying on the couch one day listening
to those beautiful CDs and out the window
I could see Wayne running his chainsaw
and I realized that they both have the name Wayne
and they both have last names beginning with M!
Wayne Mast and Wayne McEvilly
If not for Wayne Mast I would not
be listening to the beautiful recordings
of Wayne McEvilly.
I am very thankful to Wayne Mast
because he has brought blessings
in my life deeper than I can even
Even the baby rattlesnake thing.
I stopped taking Koyuki for her walks
because of Wayne ……
Now when I hear the chainsaw
I feel nothing but extreme gratitude
for all the changes it has
brought to my life
When I hear the chainsaw I think
Oh boy I get to listen to Mozart now
Life does bring blessings in
the strangest ways sometimes
We must always know that
everything is truly a blessing
no matter how it may seem otherwise
So that’s my story Dear Nobuko
I Love You Very Much
Your Sister Zoe

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