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Adios Turtle Path

on March 7, 2012

Adios Turtle Path

I have enjoyed you for 12 years and now I have let you go

On 2-22-2012 I came down with the 12 day stomach flu and while I was down I thought it seemed a good time to make some changes within myself

So I ended The Turtle Path deleted my Lovebirds group and stopped taking sunrise pictures

Now I have no online commitments

Just doing what feels happy and free in the moment

and looking forward to the next exciting creative adventure

Of course Sacred Animal Songs are still going strong

and while I was sending Turtle Path ABCs I realized there are no Sacred Animal Songs that start with IJQ and X so those are coming next then we will have Sacred Animal Songs ABCs as well as Turtle Path ABCs

Fun Fun Fun

Life is all about having fun and doing what you love to do

When it’s time to change … change

So here’s as far as I got with the Koyuki and rock rabbit nature hearts in February

Can you find rock rabbit in all the pictures?

Sing shining soothing sparkling shimmeringly sweet soulful starry songs

Think tranquil tender truly transformational transcendental thoughts

Ubiquitously unceasingly unfolding universe uplifts

Vegetarians venerate vibrant verdant voiceless victuals

Wisely we welcome well-beingness wishes with wondrous wealth windfalls

Xperiencing Xceedingly Xpansive Xpressivity

Yodel youthfully your yearning yielding yogic yin-yang yumminess

Zephyrosaurus zestfully zealously zaps zucchini zwieback

LOVE is everyone and everything from A to Z as you can see

All is perfectly flowing in Divine Love sings bobcat walking by

All the LOVE you pour into this now moment comes right back loving YOU

No moment is more magical and filled with LOVE than this one here now

LOVE is divinely forever flowing blessings of eternal now

Happy LOVE Light shines in giving and receiving magic valentines

Breathe deep breaths of LOVE and simply be present here in beauty of now

Icy lake sings as magical sunshine blesses everything with LOVE

Happy miracles happen miraculously Everything is LOVE

Red-winged blackbirds sing LOVE is every large thing and every tiny thing

We are beautiful angels being here now in breath of Divine LOVE

Celebrate that You are LOVE and the Universe grants all your wishes

Divine LOVE breathes us and magic of red roses kisses us with Joy

What words of wisdom the windy wind has…make your wonderful wishes

Breathe deep breaths of LOVE Everything flows perfectly in this now moment

I Love You



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