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December Turtle Path

on December 30, 2011

Let bright blessings of Love Light
and Joy shine through You

Divine Love breathes us
and look where we are now…it
is so amazing

Elk graze in snowy
meadow and everything is
excellently fine

Sing with the angels…
everytime we sing LOVE the
angels sing along

Go within to the
silence of your soul to your
quietness and JOY

We are beautiful
beings of light and blessings
flow all around us

Divine love breathes us
and everything is perfect
in this now moment

JOY is being best
friends with yourself and best friends
with this now moment

Bald eagle flies by
saying happy joyous full
moon lunar eclipse

Breathe deep breaths of love
and gratitude…magic flows…
wondrous things happen

We are all ONE here
in this now moment shining
the magic of love

Here in the magic
of this now moment Divine
Love is all there is

Bald eagle flies by…
we are one with everything
on earth and in sky

Breathe deep breaths of LOVE
for yourself…you are such an
amazing BEING

These are magical
miraculous times…open
your heart to GREAT JOY

We are beautiful
angels all here together
in beautiful now

Golden Eagle flies
with Ouzel…May You Open
Enlighten and Glow

Peaceful goldfish we
thank you for serenity
and simplicity

Deep peace of gently
falling snow and colorful
lights of JOY to you

Happy Solstice Eve
May you be inner blessed with
sweetness and stillness

Thank You Solstice for
Stillness Blessings and Divine
Love Surrounding All

Snow is all around
magical white on white deep
as my love for you

Divine Love breathes us
Beauty flows above below
and all around us

Happy Magical
Blessings of Christmas Eve Joy
Love and Light to You

May your Christmas Day
be shiningly bright with Joy
Magic Peace and Light

Geese sing wondrous songs
of gloriousness joy and
light as they wing by

Laugh at your darkness
and dance with your light…oneness
perfectly flowing

The Turtle Path has
sent everyday for ten years
Love Joy Beauty Peace

Chickadee Stellers
Jay wish you a most Wondrous
and Magical Day

Bring light into your
present moment and breathe the
divineness of now

Love and beauty flowed
in 2011
blessings from heaven


2 responses to “December Turtle Path

  1. Josie says:

    Dear Zoe, I am enjoying playing the game. The animal you picked for me was the Sun Bear. Powerful Magic! Hugs, Josie

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