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November Turtle Path

on November 30, 2011

Welcome November
magic time of thankfulness
in each new moment

Stay in the flow of
gratitude and watch how things
work out perfectly

Doves kiss in snow..snow
kisses pine trees…sun kisses
snow away…all LOVE

Chickadee stellers
jay…Love everything you see
hear and touch today

Divine love breathes us
and everything flows in tune
with our beingness

This now moment is
filled with golden blessings of
Divine Love and Joy

True joy is when you
totally love yourself and
your presence here now

Stellers jay flicker
crow…the thoughts you think lift you
high or take you low

We are beautiful
beings of light so blessed to
have found each other

Happy Full Moon filled
with Love Joy Gratitude and
Magic everywhere

11-11 LOVE
All Around the World

Sing your song in a
powerful voice shining like
the bright star you are

Breathe deep breaths of LOVE
and simply be here in this
magical moment

Peaceful deer walk in
peaceful woods surrounding a
peaceful happy house

Divine love breathes us
and opens our hearts into
joy of beingness

We are Wonderful
Creator Beings filled with
Love Joy and Passion

This now moment is
perfect exactly as it
is and so are you

Deep peace of deer in
windy woods and magical
now moments to you

Bald Eagle says Be
Everything you want to Be
and that is Enough

Breathe deep breaths of love
and gratitude that love fills
this present moment

You are such a bright
star JOY and MAGIC follow
wherever you are

Find and sing your own
sacred song in life…follow
your own path of light

Shine your radiant
beauty magic love and joy
all around the world

Happy Day of Love
Thankfulness and Being JOY
present now to You

Magical oneness
of life flows ever within
us and without us

Hawk flies by bringing
a magic message…listen
and you will hear it

Magical loon song
echoes across calm healing
peaceful lake waters

Breathe deep breaths of LOVE
Magic is flowing through you
and all around you

This present moment
overflows with wonderful

Breathe deep breaths of love
letting gratitude lift you
higher and higher


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