Rabbit Rock Cafe

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September Turtle Path

on September 30, 2011

Here we all are now
in the beautiful flow of
September magic

Let the magic of
your bright beingness shine love
into everything

May golden showers
of love bring you miracles
of joy and delight

This now moment is
always filled with magic and
that is where we are

Spider snake…all we
need is love…the love we give
is the love we take

Breathe deep breaths of love
…wonderful gifts of changes
are flowing to you

Simply be here in
your moment and feel golden
love all around you

We are beautiful
angels of love and joy here
in magical now

Breathe gratitude and
love in every breath and watch
the miracles flow

May beauty surround
you in all directions…up
down and all around

Antelope spider
rabbit moon…love is flowing
and sings a new tune

Along came a song
sung by crickets in moonlight
and blessed by rainbows

Divine love breathes us
and brings us miraculous
magical blessings

Celebrate TODAY…
simply be in the magic
of each now moment

Breathe deep breaths of love…
this now moment is perfect
now and forever

Three crows at sunrise
say walk in the beauty way
filled with LOVE today

Happy bluebirds sing
and brother bear walks beside
the magical lake

Deep peace of mountain
lakes bighorn sheep and golden
aspen leaves to you

Nocturnal Owlet
Beautifully Uplifting
Kindness Overflows

Divine Love breathes us
and sings new songs of Joyful
Beingness through us

The power of LOVE
is the greatest power in
all the universe

Brother Elk Sister
Hawk say farewell to summer…
it’s been magical

All is LOVE and all is well
in all creation

Love surrounds you and
angels are always happy
to help when you ask

Crickets sing magic
beautiful September songs
on a warm fall night

Breathe deep breaths of Love
and say these words to yourself

Happy New Moon filled
with wishes coming true and
LOVE in all you do

We are beautiful
angels of JOY walking our

Blue Jay says be JOY
breathe LOVE and see blessings in
everything that is

September has been
a magical month…breathe deep
breaths of gratitude


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