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August Turtle Path

on August 31, 2011

August augments all
awesomely awakening

Open your heart to
the magnificence of now…
magic is flowing

Magic flows like a
waterfall in you through you
and all around you

We are beautiful
rainbow love beings here in
radiance of now

Love every moment
of beingness…all is so
perfectly changing

Western tanager
drinks at waterfall…we shine
our beautiful wings

Divine love breathes us
and sings her songs of beauty
peace and joy through us

Hummingbirds drink from
singing waterfall…snake and
centipede stroll by

Breathe deep breaths of love
flowing in the magic of
bluebird happiness

Whatever you do
today simply love being
one with all you love

Centipede brings good
fortune…close your eyes and feel
cool changes flowing

Another special
day and lots of magical
things are happening

Happy Full Moon…you
are a beautiful shining
light of divine love

Woodpecker says he
loves the new changes you are
making everyday

Every moment is
perfect in its own divine
way and so are we

Robins and bluebirds
sing happy August songs…let
your heart sing along

Divine love breathes us
We are beautiful lights here
in magical now

Deep peace of knowing
that everything perfectly
is flowing to you

Breathe deep breaths of love
and be here in the beauty
of this now moment

Crayfish dragonfly
Great blue herons flying by
Everything is love

You are such a grand
creation…love yourself and
love being yourself

Breathing deep breaths of
love and gratitude opens
beautiful new doors

Crickets sing loud songs
of praise and glory on a
warm magical night

Chickadee nuthatch
dove…be in your bliss and dwell
in the breath of love

You are a bright and
shining beautiful light of
ever flowing JOY

Divine love breathes us
and this present moment is
always magical

Crow crow crow crow…love
is everything we are and
everywhere we go

Happy New Moon new
beginnings of Beauty Joy
and Inspiration

Western scrub jay sings
joyous songs of wonderful
sunrise sunset skies

Breathe deep breaths of love
and gratitude for it all
for it is all love

Bright blessings of love
surround us here in perfect
and magical now


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