Rabbit Rock Cafe

sacred animal songs, turtle path haikus, vegan cooking

July Turtle Path

on July 31, 2011

Happy July New
Moon Solar Eclipse…flow in
the magic of now

We are magical
beings of beauty and light
joyfully here now

Breathe deep breaths of love
and appreciation for
beingness of You

May all your moments
magical miraculous
celebrations be

This now moment is
awesomely wonderful and
filled with divine love

Merlin dragonfly
nighthawk deer…so much love is
always present here

Black-headed grosbeaks
sing sweet beautiful songs in
rain blessed pine forest

Everything is so
perfect and so perfectly
reflecting your love

Divine love breathes us
and everything flows along
in perfect timing

Waterfall rainbow
centipede and snowshoe hare
magic everywhere

See everything as
good fortune and good fortune
always comes to you

We are beautiful
angels with magic and joy
in our wings of love

Deep peace of silver
cloud linings and mossy hearts
in forest to you

This now moment is
eternally magical
in a thousand ways

Breathe deep breaths of LOVE
and JOY shining in magic
full moon radiance

Breathe LOVE and keep your
heart open to the magic
of this now moment

Magical osprey
flies by…pygmy nuthatches
drink from waterfall

Let the magic flow
and you will find hearts of love
everywhere you go

Breathe deep breaths of love
in the perfect flowingness
of this now moment

Deep peace of pine trees
rivers lakes and waterfalls
in mountains to you

Wee winter wren walks
and waltzes through woods wisely
warbling wondrous songs

Eleven goldfish
swim in pond…every golden
sunrise is perfect

Bat reminds us to
die daily to our old ways
and dream of new days

Baby violet
green swallows peek out of their
house…rabbit hops by

Happy Magical
Beautiful Day Out of Time
filled with Divine Love

Dragonfly stellers
jay dove…Breathe…everyone and
everything is LOVE

Deep peace of mountain
lakes with ducks swimming around
lily pads to you

Divine Love breathes us
and everything flows along
in magical ways

Breathe deep breaths of love
and feel this present moment
breathing love with you

Happy new moon new
beginning of being new
in many new ways

Life is magical
and every moment a new
beautiful treasure


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