Rabbit Rock Cafe

sacred animal songs, turtle path haikus, vegan cooking

June Turtle Path

on June 30, 2011

Happy First Day of
June New Moon Solar Eclipse
Love and Joy to You

We are beautiful
flowing magical beings
new in every now

Four blue robin eggs
yellow-bellied racer snake
everything is love

Nighthawk sings…this now
moment is ever new in
happiness magic

Breathe deep breaths of love
Everything is flowing in
magical nowness

Spiderwort blooms in
woods…savor each beautiful
wonderful moment

This now moment is
forever filled with flowing
magical blessings

Divine love breathes us…
celebrate love in spirals
of deep gratitude

First iris blooms in
purple radiance of love
on a special day

Western wood pewees
sing in pine trees…all is love
and wondrously well

Breathe deep breaths of love
for this moment exactly
as it is…perfect

Deep peace of sunset
cooing doves cricket songs and
waterfall to you

Love this now moment
as much as hummingbird loves
honeysuckle vine

Wherever we go
we are beautiful angels
living in the flow

May the mountains sing
with you in full moon magic
of marmot and moose

Divine love sings through
us and breathes us in magic
of beautiful now

This now moment is
filled with magic and beauty
every breath you breathe

Heart in sunrise sky
Pewees singing in pine trees
Everything is love

Happy Fathers Day
filled with beautiful flowing
of fairy blessings

Happy Solstice Eve
special serendipitous
earthly encounters

Solstice stillness breathes
us…we spiral out in bright
radiance of LOVE

Deep peace of singing
rivers and all things bright and
beautiful to you

Blue dragonfly and
running bear…magical change
flowing everywhere

We are beautiful
angels of radiant love
here in this moment

Divine love breathes us
and all that is present is
created by love

Baby blue jays three
sitting in a tree…bloom where
you happen to be

We are beautiful
amazing glorious and
magical beings

Breathe deep breaths of love
and gratitude for magic
changes all around

Everything happens
in perfect timing as we
flow in divine love

June was so filled with
magical happenings and
wonderful blessings


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