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May Turtle Path

on May 31, 2011

Happy May Day filled
with Magnificent Blessings
of Magic and Joy

Breathe deep breaths of love
and appreciation for
everything you see

Evening grosbeak says
every now is a new gift
of gloriousness

We are creator
beings with unimagined

This now moment is
perfectly magical and
filled with Divine Love

Open your heart to
the flow and magic appears
wherever you go

Crickets chirp good cheer
and violet-green swallows
fly happily here

Happy Mothers Day…
May you be blessed with many
miracles of LOVE

Let the magic of
this moment breathe you, be you…
all is LOVE and JOY

Love yourself enough
to come back to yourself and
be who you are…LOVE

Black-headed grosbeak
says believe in the greatness
of your beingness

Robins sing love songs
in rich greenness so blessed by
peacefulness of rain

We are beautiful
angels and everyday is
a magical day

Frogs sing on the hill…
things come and go but LOVE is
forever here still

Indigo bunting
says hi…magic hummingbird
joyfully flies by

Deep peace of robins
crickets and frogs singing while
moon rises to you

Towhees and crows sing
Happy Full Moon…sing along
your own magic tune

Breathe deep breaths of love
and simply be totally
divinely present

Lazuli bunting
western tanager and dove…
everything is love

Osprey says open
up and appreciate your
perfect openness

Deep peace of singing
rivers and luscious greenness
after rains to you

We are beautiful
angels here in the magic
mystery of now

Divine love breathes us
and everything is perfect
in this now moment

Looking for new things
to be thankful for creates
a happier heart

Meadowlark sings JOY…
everything is part of the
magical journey

Let love radiate…
we are all one here in this
magical moment

Breathe deep breaths of love
peacefulness attunement and

Western wood pewee
angel birds have finally
returned…JOY JOY JOY

Swainson’s thrush sings songs
of thankfulness for love that
sweetly surrounds us

Breathe love…every breath
of love connects with every
other breath of love

Be in the stillness
of now with open heart and
breath of divine love


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