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The Cuckoos Family Band

on May 8, 2011

Faith mentioned a few weeks ago that
she wanted to get our family band going again
…(it’s been several years)…
because she has been teaching the O’s
to play penny whistles and she wanted
us to get together to play some Irish music,
folk songs and Sacred Animal Songs.
So they came over this afternoon and
I got my fiddle out and Steve plugged
his guitar into the new amp he got
at a garage sale a few weeks ago.
It took me awhile to remember how
to tune the fiddle and remember
where the notes were, but gradually
it all started coming back.
We played through an Irish tune
a few times and then I thought we
should record it on Cinch just for fun.
So we did that and then as I was posting it
I said, “Oh we have to take a picture to
put with the recording!…So Oona, you hold Koyuki
and you guys stand over here”
Koyuki didn’t want to be held so she
jumped down and Steve yelled “Just take the Picture!”
so I did and this is it.
The Cuckoos Family Band (minus me)
Earlier today I had asked Faith what we should
call our band…if we should still be
The Western Wood Pewees or get a new name.
She said she thought the name should have
something to do with Ireland, folk songs,
and an animal. So we were wondering what
animals they have in Ireland.
I said, well I think they have cuckoos there
because they have them in England.
So we laughed and said we would be the Cuckoos.
Or the Country Cuckoos, or….we never decided.
But then when I was posting the Cinch I said,
well we have to have a name….shall we just be
the Cuckoos Family Band?
And everyone was cool with that
so that’s what we are.
This is just the beginning and we
are going to have sooooo much fun with our band.
Other family members will be joining in too.
And I’ll be putting all our recordings on Cinchcast.
You will notice a great improvement over time I’m sure. LOL
What a wonderful Mothers Day it was!


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