Rabbit Rock Cafe

sacred animal songs, turtle path haikus, vegan cooking

April Turtle Path

on April 30, 2011


Honeybees are buzzing in
pussy willow tree

We flow in beauty
all around…before behind
above below us

Golden daffodils
bloom their radiant beauty
in new moon blessing

Sweetness surrounds so
freely flowing forever
glowing goldenness

Meadowlark sings be
JOY totally present here
in magical now

Leopard tiger mouse…
we are brothers and sisters
all here in this house

This now moment is
always divine and filled with
wonderful newness

Angels come and go
in their own chosen perfect
timing…all is love

May You be Blessed with
Golden Showers of Love Joy
and Well-Beingness

Learn how to connect
to your inner zero point
of centered stillness

Western bluebirds sing
we are wonderful beings
of warmth and beauty

Divine love breathes us
and blessings surround us here
in beautiful now

All is well in all
creation so breathe a deep
breath of love and smile

Bluebirds fly above
snow covered pine trees singing
beautiful joy songs

Sunshine melts snow…spread
magic rainbows of gladness
wherever you go

Turtles say hello
in Poudre River and frogs
sing their first spring song

Happy Full Moon…may
all your wishes come true in
her shining brightness

Pine siskin sings you
are a perfectly precious
sweetly shining star

Deep peace of April
robins singing morning and
evening songs to you

We are beautiful
angels and everything is
love surrounding us

Flicker sings love and
sun shines through clouds in rainy
magical forest

Happy Earth Day Love…
let’s all live greener for our
glorious Gaia

Divine love breathes us
and everything is perfect
in magic of now

Happy Easter Joy
Love Miracles and Blessings
all around to You

Elk graze in meadows
of green grass… we are greatly
and graciously blessed

Breathe deep breaths of peace
and joy…Love is perfectly
flowing in all things

Bluebird flies by with
her gift of bluebird joy and
love surrounds us all

Breathe deep breaths of love
and stillness shining blessings
all around the world

Divine Love breathes us
Winds of change blow around the
world and all is well

We are beautiful
angels flowing in perfect
beingness of love


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