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Lion Tiger Leopard Mouse

on April 6, 2011

Last night Faith called and
asked if I wanted to go to
the Wild Animal Sanctuary
with her and the O’s

And since Wednesday is my day off

So we went there today
and it is only an hour
from Loveland

What an amazing place….
74 tigers, 40 lions, 93 bears
and also leopards, mountain lions,
and lots of other rescued animals

We especially loved the black leopards
and the white tiger

The animals look happy

I’m sure they are so thankful
to be rescued from whatever
horrible lives they were
living before

And speaking of wild animal rescue…

This morning when I was getting ready to leave
Koyuki found a mouse and was chasing it
all around the house

I didn’t quite know what to do

Should I try and catch it myself
and let it go in the woods
like we usually do?

Or should I just let nature
take its course…

(surely the mouse and Koyuki
had made a spiritual agreement
about this)

Well the mouse ran under the piano
so I left on my adventure
and hoped Steve would get home
before me in case there were
mouse parts all over the house

He did get home before me
but no mouse parts to be
seen anywhere

Which meant it must still
be behind the piano

So after dinner we looked
and sure enough…

there was little mousie

and he looked okay!

So Steve got a cardboard box
and put it at one end of the piano
and little mousie ran right into it

like he knew he was getting rescued

and we took him out to the woods
across the road and let him go

I tried to take a picture but
he ran under the rocks too fast

so instead here is a picture of Oona
all dressed up in her leopard outfit
with real leopards in the background

(one is a black leopard)

No matter how big or small
it is wonderful to rescue
an animal friend



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