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Love This Moment

on March 15, 2011

Just a little while ago I was out in the woods
doing my yoga fountain of youth exercises
in my sacred mountain lion yoga circle
and thinking about a haiku for today
and thinking about loving
the moment you are in
as if it is your
best friend

and when I looked up
I saw something new

There was a heart in the rock
just two feet above my yoga mat!

I have been doing yoga in this spot
for many years and have never
noticed this before!

Love is above you
below you and
all around


Love everything in this moment
and you will see love you
have never seen before

Love things about yourself
you have never loved before

Love things about other people
that you have never loved before

Love this moment like it is
the most magical moment there ever was

Love everything that is happening
because it is what is happening

I Love You,


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