Rabbit Rock Cafe

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February Turtle Path

on February 28, 2011

May all your days of
February be filled with
the magic of LOVE

Happy Groundhog Day
Look all around you and LOVE
everything you see

Sacred spaces are
all the places you pour your
divine love into

Open your heart and
let perfectly amazing
miracles flow in

Deep peace of eagle
flying by and love that fills
the whole sky to you

Here in the magic
of now Divine Love breathes us
and all is perfect

This present moment
is totally perfect and
filled with mystery

We are beautiful
angels flowing in magic
of being here now

Look inside all you
see and seek what is hidden
there…beautiful love

Being totally
here in thankfulness keeps you
flowing in magic

Put yourself in JOY
like birds singing for the soon
returning of spring

Blackbirds red-winged and
yellow-headed chant love songs
by icy river

Warm wind blows across
icy lake…the love you give
is the love you take

Happy Magical
Valentine’s Day…Beauty Joy
Love flows all around

Be magic today…
love is flowing amazing
miracles your way

Deep peace of blue skies
gentle breeze and magical
chickadees to you

We are beautiful
angels eternally in
Love Light of the One

Happy Full Moon…may
your day be filled with Beauty
Magic and Love Light

Divine love breathes us
and flows magical blessings
to us and through us

Simply be love as
totally as you can be
in every moment

YOU are so awesome…
love yourself, forgive yourself
and laugh at yourself

Put so much love in
everything you do that all
the world feels your love

Love is the answer
to every question and solves
every dilemna

Be in the center
of NOW and sing your love in
every way you can

Deep peace of cheerful
chickadees in snow covered
tall pine trees to you

Sunshine melts snow hearts
and footprints disappear but
love is always here

We are flowing in
pathways of Joy Gratitude
Peace Love and Beauty

Nothing is ever
more beautiful than the LOVE
you pour into now




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