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on February 21, 2011

Last week I emailed my
friends Nobuko and Harkirat
so they could meet each other
because they have both recorded
one of my Sacred Animal Songs
on soundcloud

They were happy to meet and Nobuku
suggested I create an online site where
singers of Sacred Animal Songs could
say HI to each other

I replied and said how funny
because just the other day I was
thinking how cool it would be
to have a Sacred Animal
Songs online
dating site


Nobuko replied and said
well then I would have to
have a lovebird painting
to be the keeper of the site

I replied and said
well I don’t have to work today
so maybe I will write a Lovebird Song

And so I did

And then that night I thought
well I will look into making
a Lovebird site

not a dating site but just a site
where singers of Sacred Animal Songs
can get to know each other

So I created the group Lovebirds on facebook
and invited a few people who I thought
would enjoy participating

and then I invited a few more

and then I kept thinking of other
people to invite, etc. etc.

and so now I don’t want to leave anyone out
so I’m just inviting ALL my facebook friends
one at a time!

I guess the people who want to stay in the group
will stay and the people who don’t want to stay will leave
and it will all be just a flowing creation
and we will all have fun
and share in the LOVE

So that’s the story of Lovebirds

I Love You,





One response to “Lovebirds

  1. Corralena says:

    What a lovely idea Zoe. Thanks for inviting me. 🙂

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