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Happy Full Moon and I Love You Aunt Maggie

on February 17, 2011

My Aunt Maggie (91)
died this morning

My very happiest childhood memories
are of the days when my Mom would
take my sister Jeanie and me to
Columbus, Mississippi to see
Aunt Maggie and Uncle Wayne
and our cousins
Charles, Steve
and Ivy

It was just a half hour drive to get there
from Fayette, Alabama where we lived

Aunt Maggie always cooked amazing meals
for us when we visited and I think she
cooked that way all the time

The thing I remember most fondly is
her cornbread cooked in a frying pan

(We had that for dinner tonight
in Aunt Maggie’s honor)

She will be buried in the Fayette cemetery
on Saturday next to her husband Wayne
who was my Mom’s brother

My grandparents
Mama Brazzie and Little Dad
are buried there too

And all their children
including my Mom

I won’t be though

My ashes will be thrown off
some mountain probably

I am thankful I got to talk
to Aunt Maggie on the phone last week
and congratulate her on the birth
of her new great-grandson
Jacob Harrison Pinion
who will carry on
the Pinion name

My sisters said that Aunt Maggie was
the last one in our family
of that generation and
now we are
the old

Well okay
but I don’t really think 61 is old

And anyway I have a lot more
Sacred Animal Songs to write
before I take off for the
next adventure

I hope you enjoy
the one I wrote today
Lovebird Song

Happy Full Moon!

I Love You,






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