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Number Nine, Number Nine, Number Nine

on January 31, 2011

Yesterday Steve and I drove up to
Eagle’s Nest Open Space to go hiking

On the way we were looking at all the
evergreen trees and wondering what
kind they all were because….

Steve gave me a European Cypress tree
for my birthday because…

We both love Vincent van Gogh and
he loved cypress trees and
painted them all the time

So as we were driving along
looking for cypress trees and
wondering whether or not
they grow in Colorado
I said this poetic

It was a day of evergreen trees

And then I said…

that sounds like the beginning of a poem

and Steve said…

let’s write a poem together

And I said cool…
that line has 9 syllables so
let’s make every line have 9 syllables

Steve thought it was a great idea
but he was so concentrated on driving
he couldn’t come up with the second line

When we got to the hiking trail
we saw a zone-tailed hawk
and then I said…

I have the second line…

(it was something about the zone-tailed hawk
but I can’t remember it exactly)

and then we kept adding lines
as we hiked along
(always 9 syllables)

but we didn’t write any of them down
so most of them are lost forever

It sure made the hike fun though

(as if a hike wasn’t already fun)

We laughed and laughed and laughed
as we hiked and hiked and hiked

And Steve gave me the prize for the best one…

Once when he was having a hard time putting
what he wanted to say into 9 syllables
and I said it for him and then I said…

“what was so effin’ hard about that?”

We had so much fun we wanted
to share our new game with everyone

We have named it
Number Nine, Number Nine, Number Nine

And it goes like this…

You have to say whatever you’re going to say
using exactly nine syllables

That’s pretty much it

After the hike we were
just pulling into Vitamin Cottage
in Fort Collins and
the car in front of us
had this license plate!

(hey, that’s 9 syllables!)

I Love You,



One response to “Number Nine, Number Nine, Number Nine

  1. Faith says:

    You guys are funny, you make me laugh 🙂

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