Rabbit Rock Cafe

sacred animal songs, turtle path haikus, vegan cooking

January Turtle Path

on January 31, 2011

Happy Rabbit Year
2011 filled
with Magic and Joy!

Heart in sunrise sky
beauty magic here for you
dreams are coming true

Magic sun shines on
magic snow…love shines on us
everywhere we go

Magical Blessings
of New Moon Solar Eclipse
Love and Joy to All

Breathe love and simply
be yourself here now in this
wonderful moment

Divine love breathes us
and we are one beautiful
golden shining light

We are creators
of magnificent joyful
life experience

Nothing is ever
more wonderful than this now
moment filled with love

Deep peace of snow on
pine trees and divine beauty
all around to you

Open your heart and
be in the flow of magic
and miraculous

Simply be love here
now in beauty of oneness

We are beautiful
angels on new adventures
of JOY and MAGIC

Divine love breathes us
and flows magic through us here
in wonderful now

Love guides us as we
flow from loving NOW into
loving the next NOW

Breathe deep breaths of love
and gratitude for this now
moment of being

Divine love flowing
in everything is perfect
in magic of now

Sing such LOVE that all
universes are blessed by
the magic of it

Chickadee crow dove
all below and all above
everything is love

Happy full moon and
may all your wishes come true
as she shines on you

Be Happy…Love makes
all things work out in perfect
flow of Beingness

Stellers jay comes by
to say look for magic in
everything today

Breathe…all is well in
all universes and in
all of creation

Deep peace of grazing
cows and magic flying geese
at sunset to you

Downy woodpecker
says don’t look down look up where
everything is LOVE

We are amazing
angels on incredible
paths of Beingness

Divine Love breathes us
and everything is flowing
in magic and joy

Brown creeper sings his
soft sweet song spiralling up
the waterfall tree

Perfect and Divine
Love is all that is has been
and ever will be

This present moment
is perfect…breathe deep breaths of
love and gratitude

Zone-tailed hawk flies by
and says be zealous in your
thoughts of happiness

January has
been so filled with miracles
of love and beauty


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