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Happy New Year and Love to All

on January 9, 2011

Here it is the second week of January already
and tomorrow is the beginning of my last
week of being 60

I have loved being 60 and am
looking forward to being 61

The two things I am most excited about
are writing Volume 4 of Sacred Animal Songs
and enjoying making new friends through
Sacred Animal Songs Around the World

I love cinchcast and that when I write
a new song I can record it right away
and share it with anyone who’s interested
(eventually Volume 4 will be on my website)

It doesn’t really matter to me
if anyone is interested or not
because I just love doing it

I really love choosing a new animal
then researching it, painting it
on the computer, writing the song
and then recording the song

And speaking of love

We really love our cat Koyuki

Can you tell?

The O’s spent the night Friday and Saturday night
and they always love coming up here to
play with Koyuki

She loves them too

She is such an angel cat

Can you tell?

Oona won tickets to the Harlem Globetrotters
so the four of us went to see them yesterday

I loved them!

Wait a minute,
I keep saying I love everything

That’s okay

That’s just me

I love loving everything
(and everyone too)

It’s easier that way

You don’t have to pick and choose

Happy New Year!

I Love You


2 responses to “Happy New Year and Love to All

  1. Hey Zoe! I love this post – it’s great and the picture of you cat is awesome!!!! I miss you and Juliana…I think i will be starting to work on the voice again with her in the spring. In the mean time, check out my blog site. I have updated a bunch of stuff. I think you’ll like it. It would be fun to do work on a recital together. Some stuff we could really collaborate on! An interesting or obscure composer or something…Think about it.
    Danielle 🙂

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