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December Turtle Path

on December 31, 2010

May all your days of
magical December be
filled with Joyous Light

Simply enjoy your
wondrous transformation here
in eternal now

For all that is so
magically flowing its
way to you…Breathe Love

We are beautiful
angels here to love ourselves
and love each other

Happy New Moon filled
with magical blessings and
miracles of Love

Simply come into
this present moment which is
where the angels are

Everything is in
its perfect flowingness of
divine love and light

Breathe love and joy to
fill all of your beingness
and let it guide you

Buffalo Stellers
Jay Dove…Be a magic day
…Everything is love

Magical life flows
bringing new magical gifts
of love everyday

Celebrate that you
are an angel in love with
joyful creating

We are all one bright
magnificent shining of
beauty love and light

Listen to magic
as it flows new ideas to
you that touch your heart

Love yourself and all
the love that flows freely through
you for all that is

Listen…you will hear
the answers you need in the
breath of love you breathe

May you be blessed in
beautiful rainbow colors
of Love Joy and Light

Deep peace of sister
sun shining magic rainbows
on snowflakes to you

Divine love breathes us…
All is perfectly flowing
in perfect timing

Be totally here
in the beauty and magic
of this now moment

Rich Blessings of Full
Moon Lunar Eclipse Magic
and Beauty to You

Beautiful blessings
of solstice stillness magic
peace and love to you

This birthday haiku
is for you Steve…make a wish
and it will come true

We are beautiful
angels with golden love in
our hearts and our wings

May your Christmas Eve
be filled with Peacefulness Light
Beauty Love and Joy

Beautiful blessings
of Christmas Day Love Magic
Joy and Peace to You

Ouzel dips and swims
in icy snowy mountain
streams HAPPY TO BE

Nuthatch chickadee
Love is everything and there’s
nothing else to be

Enjoy being you
and celebrate everyday
how unique you are

Happy New Years Eve
Eve Eve…let yourself go and
just BE BE BE you

Magical snow falls
on peaceful pine trees and love
blesses everything 

So many blessings
in 2010…Magic
Miracles and Love


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