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November Turtle Path

on November 30, 2010



Happy November…
rich miracles of love and
magical changes

Love the moment and
yourself…all is working out
in a perfect way

Divine love breathes us
and we are beautiful in
our unperfection

Golden eagle says
now is always a golden
moment filled with love

Enjoy the changes and all
the new beginnings

Deep peace of singing
rivers and rainbow colored
waterfalls to you

Magic yurt goes to
new home…peaceful deer surround
and say their goodbyes

Breathe deep breaths of love
and peace in this now moment…
magic is flowing

Crows gather in pine
trees celebrating…here comes
clouds and cold weather

Spread your magical
wings and go flying loving
every song you sing

White cat in first snow
11-11 Breathe
pureness and newness

Magic is flowing
all around…LOVE and BEAUTY
miracles abound

Divine Love breathes us
and Magic Shining Joy is
who we really are

Thank Spirit deeply
and blow kisses into the
sunshine of your soul

Breathe…let the magic
flow in you and through you and
all around you…Breathe

These are magical
days…wind sings sacred songs and
sun shines sacred rays

Deep peace of softly
floating angel clouds in blue
sky of love to you

Chickadees sing their
new songs…river of changes
keeps flowing along

Beautiful heart in
sky says love this moment and
it will love you back


Trumpet of joy sounds
beautifully clear blessing
all beings that hear

Full moon snowflakes fall…
each one a treasure of LOVE…
Look how rich we are

We are beautiful
angels flowing in magic
of being here now

Love this moment you
are in…let breath of love bring
you deeply here now

See everything through
eyes of mystery and joy
…love is singing us

Happy Thankful For
Love Day filled with Blessings of
Beauty Joy and Light


Divine love breathes us
here in magical oneness
now of beingness

Deep peace of frozen
waterfalls and pink clouds on
high mountains to you

Breathe deep breaths of love
for everything that is here
in this now moment

Love yourself…enjoy
being you flowing in the
beauty of oneness

Thank you November
for incredible blessings
of magic and joy



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