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October Turtle Path

on October 31, 2010


May your October
be overflowing with Love
and outrageous Joy

Thank You for Being
You and for Being here…You
are so Beautiful

Deep peace of knowing
that everything flowing is
a blessing to you

Happy Saint Francis
Day…every creature great and
small be blessed by all

Follow your heart…do
what you love to do and love
everything you do

Pelican flies by
and robins sing their happy
October love songs

The New Moon today
blesses new beginnings and
fills them with magic

Flow yourself into
the beautiful beingness
of this now moment

Deep peace of golden
aspen trees and snow covered
high mountains to you

Happy 10-10-10
Stargate Blessings of Joy and
Abundance to All

Stellers Jay Blue Jay…
anyday is a good day
to give things away

Rain falls in forest
Bluebirds and house finches sing
Horses eat their hay

Open your heart and
experience the grandness
of magical YOU

Gentle deer melts our
fears away…her peace and calm
goes into our hearts

In stillness of a
falling star we know LOVE is
who we truly are

Wooly worms wiggle
their way across the trail and
sandhill cranes say HI

Flow through the magic
of life with an open mind
loving everything

Bluebird and blue jay
want to be in this haiku…
Have fun being YOU!

Magic and joy come
pouring in to be in this
now moment with you

Ten twenty twenty
ten…a magical day for
new joys to begin

Breathe LOVE and JOY to
all and celebrate living

Happy Full Moon filled
with Blessings of Joy and Love
from the Universe

Everything is love
and everything is perfect
in this now moment

Breathe deep breaths of love
and gratitude and simply
be present here now

Whatever brings you
happiness…do more of it
Expand joyfulness

Joy comes flowing in
when we are fully present
in this now moment

May beauty flow with
you in magical rivers
of being here now

Calm and centered be
here now…thankful for all that
is was and will be

We are a rainbow
pure in spirit of oneness
no fear only love

Simply stay in the
flow of loving everything
and watch the magic

October was so
filled with sweet surprises and
incredible gifts









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