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sacred animal songs, turtle path haikus, vegan cooking


on October 29, 2010


I did two radio shows this week…
one on Wednesday and one today

The one on Wednesday was called
Sacred Animal Songs Around the World
and I talked about my new project
and played recordings of
Nobuko singing two of
my songs in Japanese

The show today was called
Sunrises With Leia and
it featured Leia
my very first
radio guest

Sunrises With Leia got off
to a bit of a scary start
because first of all I
forgot to turn my
speaker on and
then I forgot to
click the mike
icon beside
Leia’s name LOL

After I finally figured out
what to do the show went
very well and Leia and
I laughed a lot and
had a great time

There are so many possibilities
in this radio broadcast thing

I am just taking it one step
at a time and enjoying the
process of learning and

I hope you will listen to
the podcasts when you have time

Oh and the other exciting thing
around here is that we have a cat!

Last week this little white cat
showed up at Levi’s job on his birthday
and attached herself to Levi so he brought
her home even though most everybody in his
housefold is allergic to cats

They tried it for a few days but
gave up and yesterday Faith called
and asked if I could take Snowflake

So I picked her up after work last night
and she is such a sweet little angel of a cat

We named her Koyuki which is
the Japanese version of Snowflake

Happy Halloween Eve Eve!

I Love You,


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