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Around the World with Sacred Animal Songs

on October 20, 2010

About three months ago
my friend Nobuko in Japan
(who I met on Twitter)
took me up on my offer of
a gift of song

(see previous blog)

She and I then became very good friends
and I asked her if she could translate
one of my songs in Japanese and
email it to me via iphone

So she translated Raven Song
and sent me a beautiful recording
of her and her husband singing it

And then she translated Parakeet Song
and sent me a beautiful recording of that as well

It just occurred to me this morning
how I could share these recordings

on SoundCloud

So I put them on there

Listen to them…. they are really beautiful!

And I got the greatest idea this morning
while I was singing
(often creative ideas come to me
when I am singing my songs….
which I do every morning)

My idea is find people all around the world
who will want to translate one or more
of my songs to their language and
send me a recording of them
singing it and I will
put the recordings
on soundcloud

Remember my friend Warren who wants
to unite the world with doodles?

Same idea…I want to unite the world
with Sacred Animal Songs

The other cool thing about this idea is
that I will play the recordings
on my radio shows too!

Stay tuned for 
one coming up soon

I knew it had to be a
magical day with
these numbers

10-20 2010

I Love You,






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