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Four Horses and Me

on October 17, 2010

My neighbors asked me if I could feed
their horses last week while they were gone

so I said of course I would be happy to

but was nervous about it and a little scared
because I have never really been around horses much

When I went over there for the first time
I had two dilemnas…

how do you keep a horse from biting your
hand when he starts to eat the hay
while you are trying to throw
it in his manger?


how do you get a horse to move out of your way
when you need to get by him in the stall
so you can take hay over to 
to another horse?

I managed both of these situations the best I could,
first one…be throwing the hay as fast as possible

second one..rather than try and move the horse
I climbed over 4 fences to get hay
over to the other horse

After this first traumatic horse feeding episode
I decided what I needed was some training

so I called the other neighbor and told
him I needed a few lessons

so he met me over at the horses that night
and showed me all the tricks

You just gently shove the horse’s face out of the way
so you have room to put the hay in his manger

and if you need to get by, you just
gently shove the horse over

and he assured me the horses would not kick me!
(I was a little worried about that too)


I felt so much better after my training session
and the rest of the week went just fine

The horses and I became best friends
 Love,  Zoe


2 responses to “Four Horses and Me

  1. Mary Rives says:

    Oh Zoe, I just love your horse story! Perfectly delightful! I can so relate. I too have some similar horse stories from caring for a neighbor’s horse here in Santa Fe, New Mexico and for some friends way out in the country. I too was a little afraid and intimidated by those big, strong, 1,000 pond creatures. Then, my neighbor showed me some gentle tricks and what a world opened up when she did! I know how to get her horse to back up, walk with me, and what do you call it when you stand in the middle of a coral and with a rope/lead/reign get the horse to walk in a circle around you? I had to learn to be boss and treat the child firmly like we would a toddler. Not easy for me to do with a big horse! They are followers in a sense and respond to our direction. So, after i practiced the tricks, my nabe taught me how to ride her horse and I had a great bareback ride, my first as an adult! i plan to ride a little more now that they arent spraying the horse for fly control. It is such a breakthrough to really attune to these sensitive creatures and become their friend! So glad you did and thanks so much for sharing about it with us!

    • zoenishimuta says:

      Dear Mary,
      Thank you so much for replying to my blog.
      You are dear to my heart for many reasons.
      And remember, you were the very first
      person I followed on Twitter.
      And do you know what else?
      Because you posted that article
      on my facebook wall a few weeks
      ago I read Rich’s free ebook and that
      is what inspired me to do my radio show!
      Isn’t it so cool how we bless each other’s lives
      without ever really knowing that we do or how?
      I Love You,

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