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How and When Sacred Animals Songs Began

on October 13, 2010

I’m so glad I keep journals because I can
look back and see when important things happened

An important thing happened on July 4, 1992…
the first Sacred Animal Song was written

At the time I didn’t know it was the
beginning of Sacred Animal Songs
but I named it Deer Song
because it seemed to me
the spirit of the
sweet deer I had
that day
on a

I wrote just melody and chords (no words)
Here’s what I wrote in my journal
about the song

“It was a magical day.
I’m so thankful a beautiful song was there.
It came from the deer, and the crows,
and the bunnies, and the trees
and the mountains and sunshine
and wind and water and love.”

Here’s what I wrote in my journal
a year later on July 1, 1993…

“Tonight I got my guitar out
and sang through all the songs I’ve written
in the last year and I want to put words to them.
Simple words that people could learn to sing easily.
And meaningful words.
I was thinking of maybe each song being
about a different animal, like the
animal medicine cards.
So the most recent one I wrote I was
thinking it might be a Turtle Song.
So I’m sleeping with my piece of
petrified turtle shell under my
pillow and maybe some turtle
words will come to me.”

And so Sacred Animal Songs was born

Here’s my idea for the next radio show…
to read this that I have just
written aloud and then sing
Deer Song for you and
then close my eyes
and pick another
song to sing
at the end

I’ll let you know when
this radio show will be
so if you want to listen live
you can and if you want to listen
to the archive some other time you can

I Love You,


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