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September Turtle Path

on September 30, 2010

Magic September
Divine Love flowing expands
inner knowing…JOY

Rabbit sits on rock
Hawk sits in tree…I am me
and I am you too

Breathe JOY and chirp through
changes says chickadee…all
changes are blessings

Nuthatch stellers jay…
everything is JOY today…
fun in every way

We are attuned to
divine love flowing beauty
within and without

LOVE is everywhere
you look and everything you
see…celebrate LOVE

Yesterdays were all
perfect in their own way and
brought you to today

Divine love breathes us
and sings us into a new
song of beingness

Emerges Magically

Breathe in thankfulness
breathe out thankfulness and live
the whole day in love

Serene sun rises
in simplicity stillness
and sacred silence

Happy Angel Day
You Are A Beautiful and
Magical Angel

Fire burns and smoke fills
the air…Bobcat says Hello
Love is Everywhere

Today is simply
another magical day
to love everything

May you be showered
with golden blessings of love
and well-beingness

Bluebird Blue Jay…Be
a bringer of JOY and love
everything today

Joyfully shining
your own light encourages
other lights to shine

Deep peace of golden
aspen trees, big horn sheep and
bugling elk to you

You are a Divine
Being of Light and your Love
fills the universe

Western scrub jay is
wishing you sparkling JOY on
this warm summer day

Happy World Peace Day…
May You Be Blessed with Wisdom
Happiness and Peace

Embrace everything with LOVE
and eternal JOY

Bluebirds fly by in
first autumn sunrise singing
happy full moon songs

Flicker says kleer…there
is so much LOVE here…let all
worries disappear

Crickets cheerfully
chirp that all changes always
are for the better

Deep peace of singing
rivers and falling golden
aspen leaves to you

Thank You Universe
for bringing gifts when we are
not expecting it

All we are aware
of is a blessing as we
think of it with love

Love yourself and be
omnipotently new in
everything you do

Open your heart to
love and sing bluebird joy…Bless
All Bless All Bless All












One response to “September Turtle Path

  1. zoenishimuta says:

    You can listen to me read September Turtle Path
    on my first radio broadcast here

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