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August Turtle Path

on August 31, 2010

August Blessing…May
your heart flow infinite joy
and blessings of love

Everything plays its
perfect wonderful part in
the beautiful flow

Deep peace of golden
flowers in woods and sweet deer
walking by to you

Hummingbird rabbit
squirrel…love is what creates
a beautiful world

See yourself with new
eyes today…what glorious
love you are shining!

Open your heart and
flow along in each moment’s
magical love song

We are beautiful
angels here in the magic
flow of beingness

Happy Lion’s Gate
8-8 filled with wonderful
things to celebrate

Happy New Moon…may
you be blessed with happiness
in many new ways

Simply be present
breathe love and trust life’s magic
says baby blue jay

Let yourself be new
in every breath of love and

Smiley face heart cloud
blesses today and says it
is a lucky day

Stellers Jay Magic
Day…may 13 blessings of
wonder come your way

Divine love breathes us…
celebrate love and joy in
everyone you see

Crickets sing goodnight
while clouds sweetly gather in
colors of grandeur

Deep peace is loving
yourself for all that you are
and all that you do

Breathe deep breaths of love
and gratitude that life is
perfectly flowing

Simply be love and
you will be all you are and
all you came to be

Praying mantis says
be present in this moment
of perfect magic

We are beautiful
angels here in the perfect
flowingness of now

Breathe…miracles are
happening everywhere and
joy is all around

Divine love breathes us…
every now moment is filled
with beauty and joy

Deep peace of angels
all around and joy in high
mountain lakes to you

Make a wish on the
full moon today and may all
your wishes come true

How beautiful you
are in this now moment…let
everything else go

We are magical
beings opening to how
magical we are

We are flowing in
magic opening to love
in every moment

May all your warm and
wise wishes weave into a
new wonderful world

Paint circles of LOVE
in the beautiful sky of
being who you are

Western wood pewee
sings adios in pine tree
Oh how blessed were we

Breathe LOVE in every
now opening doors wider
for more miracles








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