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July Turtle Path

on August 1, 2010

Happy July…fill
each moment with LOVE and JOY
of being here now

How wonderful that
this now moment is always
our very best friend

May your adventures
be many filled with magic
beauty joy and love

Here in the beauty
of this now moment all is
perfectly flowing

Deep peace of summer
rains and sweet baby deer in
green forests to you

Be in love…do the
things you love to do and love
all the things you do

Divine love breathes us
and beautiful radiance
of joy flows through us

All is magical
flow…keep on letting go and
letting your wings grow

Beautiful bluebird
says breathe…believe in love…you
are a bright blessing

Bright blessings of new
moon total solar eclipse
LOVE and JOY to all

Deep peace of tree hugs
and magical waterfalls
in mountains to you

Moment to moment
flow in golden gladness sings
glorious goldfinch

Open your heart and
flow in the magic stream of
loving everything

Breathe and be of good
cheer…there are miraculous
things happening here

In the serene place
of our soul we may bask in
the blessings of love

Here in magical
eternal now divine love
breathes beauty through us

Bless yourself with love
and appreciation for
everything you see

Deep peace of baby
deer prancing in meadow and
gentle rains to you

Western wood pewees
sing in pine trees wishing you
peace and well-being

All is well in all
universes…we flow in
a stream of beauty

We are beautiful
angels finding creative
ways to share ourselves

See everything as
a magical gift and you
will live in magic

Breathe love for this now
moment and thankfully let
all the past be gone

Happy Day Out of
Time Guru Purnima Full
Moon Blessings to All

Bless all past and all
future simply by loving
all in this moment

Breathe…let everything
go and simply flow in the
joy of beingness

We are creator
beings magnificently
being creative

Divine love breathes us
and we live in the golden
happy space of now

May you be berry
blessed with flowing rivers of
miracles and love

Happy last day of
July filled with adventures
and celebration


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