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Gift of Song

on July 22, 2010

Yesterday I put all my animal paintings
on my iphone as well as the lyrics
to all the Sacred Animal Songs

Today I made circle cards
one for each song and
put them in my
singing bowl

So now I am ready for this
next little creative project of mine

I will be offering a gift of song
to anyone who feels like they
would like a little burst
of sunshine and love
in their day

Just send me a message
on facebook or twitter
with your email address

I will take my bowl of colored paper circles
out into the woods in my magic singing circle
and close my eyes and pick a song for you

Then I will record it for you
right there in the woods on my iphone
and email it to you along with
the painting and lyrics

and lots of Love and Blessings

You might hear birds singing
in the recording as well

It won’t be a professional recording
but it will be a heart recording
from my heart to yours

I Love You,


7 responses to “Gift of Song

  1. Minna Marttinen says:

    like your bobcat song : ) My shaman greetings from Finland,


  2. Diana says:

    Please send me your songs and news. Beautiful idea!. Thanks!. DI

  3. Diana says:

    Are you on Face Book?. Under what name?.

  4. Diana says:

    YES… please send me a song!. Thanks and much love. DI

  5. Diana says:

    A song toast for our newly started friendship!!!. DI

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