Rabbit Rock Cafe

sacred animal songs, turtle path haikus, vegan cooking

June Turtle Path

on July 1, 2010

Let yourself flow in
the beauty of beingness…
Happy Joyful June

Every now moment
is divine love flowing in
and through everything

Let everything go
and simply breathe peace…all is
perfectly flowing

Trust yourself…all is
so magically working
out in every way

Western scrub jay says
today is magical and
the magic is YOU

Hummingbird flies by
in beautiful radiance
of new energy

Divine love breathes us
opening our hearts to joy
magic and beauty

Spiderwort blooms in
rain blessed forest…each day brings
magical changes

I am so thankful
for you and all the magic
you bring to this world

Today we weave a
tapestry of thankful thoughts
with threads of loving

Here in magic of
eternal now divine love
breathes us…we are one

Happy New Moon filled
with wondrous magical new
beginnings to you

We are artistic
angels on amazingly
awesome adventures

Be in the beauty
of now overflowing with
love and gratitude

Divine love breathes us
We are a celebration
of being here now

Love this moment with
all your beingness and this
moment loves you back

Imagine the joy
you will feel when it happens
and feel that joy now

First magical bloom
appears on Emma Etta
elderberry bush

Breathe, love, let go and
flow…life is a magical
place so be here now

Happy Solstice Eve
Fathers Day Blessings of Joy
Love Beauty to All

Canyon wren sings sweet
spiraling songs of solstice
love surrounding all

Flow from magical
now to magical now in
gratitude and love

Breathe the beautiful
blessing of bluebird song and
be JOY all day long

Magic is flowing…
cordilleran flycatcher
sits on window sill

Beautiful Blessings
of Full Moon Lunar Eclipse
Love and Joy to You

We are beautiful
angels joyously present
in magical now

Spiderwort blue jay
Everything is new today
Past has flown away

Red crossbill says Close
eyes Relax Breathe…open new
eyes Love all you see

June has been filled with
the most incredible and
amazing blessings


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