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Popcorn Spill by Remi and Zoe










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Happy First Day of July

How was your first day of July?
Mine had some magical moments.
Well, the other day we drove through a neighborhood on the other side of the
lake and I noticed that a lot of people were painting their house number on
a rock and I thought maybe that would
be a cool thing to do. So yesterday I walked around looking for a flattish rock to use. I bent down to pick up some trash and saw a rock next to it
that looked like it would work so I brought it down to the house. Today when I started to paint the numbers on it I noticed that the rock had an elephant on it!
Do you see the elephant?
This is just ONE of the magical
things that happened today.
Happy Magical July!


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Vegan Broccoli Pasta

Vegan Broccoli Pasta

Cook a package of
your favorite pasta

Stir-fry some chopped up broccoli,
onions and mushrooms

Add to cooked pasta and stir in
lots of Braggs, cayenne pepper,
salt, garlic powder and
nutritional yeast

Serve with vegennaise

Fast and easy!


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Our Trip to Florida

We just had a wonderful vacation to celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary… drove down to Florida stopping in Oklahoma and Alabama to visit family along the way

Steven had never been to Florida before. His brother has a townhouse on the beach in Destin so we stayed there for 4 days walking on the white beach and swimming in the magical ocean

My peak experience was seeing dolphins swimming in the ocean for the first time. When we were shopping for souvenirs I saw a basket of wooden rings and there was a dophin one right on top so I tried it on and it fit perfectly so it is my new anniversary wedding ring.

13 years ago Steven and I got married on a hike across the Continental Divide. We didn’t have rings so we gave each other frog necklaces and said “With this frog I Thee wed” and on every anniversary we give each other something green. On our last night in Destin a little frog climbed up the palm tree and hopped through the window right onto our bed!


rattlesnake comes to visit

Steven had a big surprise when he got home from work today

a rattlesnake was lying right in front of the door and rattled at him when he started to go in

I heard him yelling at me and went downstairs to see what was going on

I couldn’t believe a rattlesnake was lying there right in front of our door! I was too rattled to open the screen so I took this picture through the screen

then I got up my courage and opened the screen door a little ways and took this picture

after emailing the picture to my family and a couple of friends I got up my courage to open the door and take another picture

Steven said he was going to try and capture it so we could relocate it so he put this plastic bin down

and then another plastic bin and he used a rake to position them so the snake would go into one (I stayed behide the screen door watching)

the snake actually crawled into one of the bins (I opened the screen door)


however maybe the snake can hop right out of that ( I closed the screen door)

no I guess he won’t hop out (so it’s safe to come out now)

so this is how we are going to transport him to his new home


we put him in the truck and took him over to the other side of the lake

he will like his new home…. lots of rocks and no houses

come on snakey get out and enjoy your new home


snakey is thinking about it

he needs a little more coaxing

no, don’t come back this way! go the other way!

that’s right you go over that direction away from the road


snakey is happy in his new home now




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Our Trip to Oklahoma

We left early Sunday morning on April 15, 2012. We didn’t see any tornadoes along the way but we did see something really cool in Kansas somewhere between Dodge City and Oklahoma.. a flock of about 200 yellow-headed blackbirds just hanging out along the side of the road!

We stayed in cabin number 5 at the Great Salt Plains that night and the next morning did some hiking around in the area and look what we found…a beaver skull!

A friendly mockingbird serenaded us and he let me get really close before he flew away

Steven has lots of brothers and sisters in Oklahoma and we had fun visiting them

Delores’s dog Queenie

Edward and Glenna’s rooster Fuffly

Edward and Glenna’s duck Dodi

Edward and Glenna’s goat Liz

Ted’s cows and Teddy’s windmill (This windmill has been in the Nishimuta family for several generations and after a couple of years Teddy got it up and running again)

Steven found the first tick

and he found a copperhead!

I found a turtle

Ted took us driving around in the woods at the Nishimuta farm where they all grew up

I climbed up on a tree stand

Timmy climbed up the windmill

the pond at the farm

looking out our bedroom window at Bobby’s house on Keystone Lake

We left early Sunday morning, April 22 for  Colorado and a tick tried to come home with us

Steven was just starting to get sleepy but he woke up when I screamed after finding this tick in my hair. He said just pick it up and throw it out the window but instead I picked up with my hankie and put it in this plastic bag and sealed the top. I took this picture and then as I was emailing it to my kids the tick must have escaped from the bag because it was crawling across my iphone screen! More screaming. We let the tick out somewhere in Kansas.

All week long I had so much fun playing Draw Something on my iphone with Otis, Oona, Faith and Nobuko. Here’s a picture that Faith drew that Otis guessed right away. That’s me….Grammy

It was good to get home and see Koyuki again

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Wayne synchronicities

Dear Nobuko,
I think it all started last summer when our new
neighbors Wayne and April Mast moved in.
They have a cat named Tommy Lee and
he’s the one who attacked me and the
bite got infected and I had to get
a shot. You remember that
little episode I’m sure.
Well then they started up their business
AW Firewood and started running a
very loud chainsaw everyday here
in our quiet woods.
I was devastated by the intrusion
of my peace and quiet.
I stopped doing my yoga in the woods.
I told Steven that was the closest I
have ever come to hating someone.
Then when I got sick this February I had a lot of
time to lie in bed and when the chainsaw would
start up I would listen to George Harrison radio station
on Pandora and that made me so happy.
Ever since I have lived up here
(14 years) I have not played music on
the radio or stereo because I always
preferred the beautiful sounds of
nature and I didn’t want to miss
any of those sounds.
I also just loved the silence.
Well the chainsaw changed all that
and I started looking forward to listening
to the Beatles again.
( I was such a Beatlemaniac as a teenager)
And I also started listening to this
beautiful CD of Ravi Shankar.
It was perfect for drowning out
the chainsaw and so perfect also
to listen to when doing my yoga.
Then I thought of my concert pianist friend Wayne
and ordered his 5 CD set of Mozart Sonatas.
It is so special to listen to them because I know
him personally and took some lessons from
him when he lived here in Loveland.
I was lying on the couch one day listening
to those beautiful CDs and out the window
I could see Wayne running his chainsaw
and I realized that they both have the name Wayne
and they both have last names beginning with M!
Wayne Mast and Wayne McEvilly
If not for Wayne Mast I would not
be listening to the beautiful recordings
of Wayne McEvilly.
I am very thankful to Wayne Mast
because he has brought blessings
in my life deeper than I can even
Even the baby rattlesnake thing.
I stopped taking Koyuki for her walks
because of Wayne ……
Now when I hear the chainsaw
I feel nothing but extreme gratitude
for all the changes it has
brought to my life
When I hear the chainsaw I think
Oh boy I get to listen to Mozart now
Life does bring blessings in
the strangest ways sometimes
We must always know that
everything is truly a blessing
no matter how it may seem otherwise
So that’s my story Dear Nobuko
I Love You Very Much
Your Sister Zoe
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Adios Turtle Path

Adios Turtle Path

I have enjoyed you for 12 years and now I have let you go

On 2-22-2012 I came down with the 12 day stomach flu and while I was down I thought it seemed a good time to make some changes within myself

So I ended The Turtle Path deleted my Lovebirds group and stopped taking sunrise pictures

Now I have no online commitments

Just doing what feels happy and free in the moment

and looking forward to the next exciting creative adventure

Of course Sacred Animal Songs are still going strong

and while I was sending Turtle Path ABCs I realized there are no Sacred Animal Songs that start with IJQ and X so those are coming next then we will have Sacred Animal Songs ABCs as well as Turtle Path ABCs

Fun Fun Fun

Life is all about having fun and doing what you love to do

When it’s time to change … change

So here’s as far as I got with the Koyuki and rock rabbit nature hearts in February

Can you find rock rabbit in all the pictures?

Sing shining soothing sparkling shimmeringly sweet soulful starry songs

Think tranquil tender truly transformational transcendental thoughts

Ubiquitously unceasingly unfolding universe uplifts

Vegetarians venerate vibrant verdant voiceless victuals

Wisely we welcome well-beingness wishes with wondrous wealth windfalls

Xperiencing Xceedingly Xpansive Xpressivity

Yodel youthfully your yearning yielding yogic yin-yang yumminess

Zephyrosaurus zestfully zealously zaps zucchini zwieback

LOVE is everyone and everything from A to Z as you can see

All is perfectly flowing in Divine Love sings bobcat walking by

All the LOVE you pour into this now moment comes right back loving YOU

No moment is more magical and filled with LOVE than this one here now

LOVE is divinely forever flowing blessings of eternal now

Happy LOVE Light shines in giving and receiving magic valentines

Breathe deep breaths of LOVE and simply be present here in beauty of now

Icy lake sings as magical sunshine blesses everything with LOVE

Happy miracles happen miraculously Everything is LOVE

Red-winged blackbirds sing LOVE is every large thing and every tiny thing

We are beautiful angels being here now in breath of Divine LOVE

Celebrate that You are LOVE and the Universe grants all your wishes

Divine LOVE breathes us and magic of red roses kisses us with Joy

What words of wisdom the windy wind has…make your wonderful wishes

Breathe deep breaths of LOVE Everything flows perfectly in this now moment

I Love You


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January Turtle Path

Happy Dragon Year
2012 Love Blessings
Joy Health Abundance

Divine love Breathes us
and Beauty surrounds us in
Every Direction

Breathe deep breaths of love
and gratitude in this now
moment of beauty

We are Beautiful
Divine Light Beings ever
changing ever new

Breathe deep breaths of LOVE
You are Magical You here
in magical now

Imagine great things
happening and great things will
love flowing to you

We are amazing
creators living here in
an amazing year

Moment to moment
simply breathe deep breaths of love
Everything is LOVE

Grandmother moon shines
her bright beautiful light of
love and so do we

Love yourself and trust
yourself as we flow along
in the Beauty Way

Breathe the deep blessings
of love and simplicity
in this now moment

We are magical
beings embracing change and
breathing divine love

This now moment is
filled with magic and beauty
flows all around us

Amazing awesome
attuned aware angels are
always assisting

Bounteous blessings
brightly beam beautifully
beyond believing

Crow calls chickadee
chirps consciousness clearly climbs
celebrate changes

Dream daringly Dear
Dream delicious delightful
divine dazzling dreams

Everything enjoys
endlessly eternally
ever evolving

Fun forest fairies
fabulously fearlessly
flickeringly fly

Glorious Gaia
generously gives golden
gracious godly gifts

Holy heavenly
helpers heighten happiness
harmonizing hearts

imparting incredible

Journey joyfully…
join January’s juicy
jolly jubilance

Koyuki kitty
kindly kisses Kyuzemon
kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss

LOVE…listen look learn
leap laugh live lucky lofty
long luminous life

Magical mantras
minimize mind manifest
mystical moments

Nothingness nurtured
notices neither nice nor

Overflow oceans
of optimistic outcomes

Practice peacefulness
passionately picturing
poetic presence

quiet queens quote quixotic
quietude quatrains

Receive rejoicing
radiant richness rivers
rapidly rising

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December Turtle Path

Let bright blessings of Love Light
and Joy shine through You

Divine Love breathes us
and look where we are now…it
is so amazing

Elk graze in snowy
meadow and everything is
excellently fine

Sing with the angels…
everytime we sing LOVE the
angels sing along

Go within to the
silence of your soul to your
quietness and JOY

We are beautiful
beings of light and blessings
flow all around us

Divine love breathes us
and everything is perfect
in this now moment

JOY is being best
friends with yourself and best friends
with this now moment

Bald eagle flies by
saying happy joyous full
moon lunar eclipse

Breathe deep breaths of love
and gratitude…magic flows…
wondrous things happen

We are all ONE here
in this now moment shining
the magic of love

Here in the magic
of this now moment Divine
Love is all there is

Bald eagle flies by…
we are one with everything
on earth and in sky

Breathe deep breaths of LOVE
for yourself…you are such an
amazing BEING

These are magical
miraculous times…open
your heart to GREAT JOY

We are beautiful
angels all here together
in beautiful now

Golden Eagle flies
with Ouzel…May You Open
Enlighten and Glow

Peaceful goldfish we
thank you for serenity
and simplicity

Deep peace of gently
falling snow and colorful
lights of JOY to you

Happy Solstice Eve
May you be inner blessed with
sweetness and stillness

Thank You Solstice for
Stillness Blessings and Divine
Love Surrounding All

Snow is all around
magical white on white deep
as my love for you

Divine Love breathes us
Beauty flows above below
and all around us

Happy Magical
Blessings of Christmas Eve Joy
Love and Light to You

May your Christmas Day
be shiningly bright with Joy
Magic Peace and Light

Geese sing wondrous songs
of gloriousness joy and
light as they wing by

Laugh at your darkness
and dance with your light…oneness
perfectly flowing

The Turtle Path has
sent everyday for ten years
Love Joy Beauty Peace

Chickadee Stellers
Jay wish you a most Wondrous
and Magical Day

Bring light into your
present moment and breathe the
divineness of now

Love and beauty flowed
in 2011
blessings from heaven